About TeraMedica

TeraMedica is a healthcare informatics company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our mission is to provide a vendor-independent clinical image repository, integrated within the healthcare information infrastructure. Evercore®, our Clinical Enterprise Suite, was developed to support the goal of one comprehensive Electronic Health Record.

We enable our customers to receive maximum value from ALL types of diagnostic and treatment content – DICOM and beyond – at minimum cost. TeraMedica extends its technology platform to assist in filling visualization gaps, care coordination, clinically relevant storage, application integration and future retrieval on a petabyte-class scale – while maintaining complete vendor neutrality.

We are the Founding Fathers of the Vendor Neutral Archive space in healthcare informatics.Evercore is a modular, customer centric system, designed to solve the problems of the modern Healthcare Enterprise through a sophisticated vendor neutral archive serving as a central repository for image studies. This enterprise ‘Network’ scales from 100,000 imaging procedures per year to more than 6 million.

The Evercore® architecture is designed and built to handle the image data storage and distribution requirements of large health care systems. In most cases this data is fragmented across departmental PACS systems without the IT infrastructure needed to manage the data.


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